Food Matters

It all started when husband-and-wife team, Laurentine and James, decided to help James’ father, Roy, improve his health by simply changing his diet. 

Laurentine and James discovered that most foods on the shelves of supermarkets today have unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients that are only used to lengthen the shelf life, but doesn’t do much for the body. That’s when they decided to establish Food Matters and traveled around the world to find the truth about healing the body with the best, most effective foods available. 

After a few months being off medication and improving his diet dramatically, Roy was released from his ailments. Food Matters became not only a company offering high-quality, simple, and organic superfoods, but it also established a movement in the food industry. At Food Matters, you can expect the highest quality food products that will help you have a healthier, happier life.