Happi Earth

Join the Happi revolution by choosing to do your laundry with Happi Earth. Happi Earth do things differently – there’s no big chief sitting atop a mountain of dirty money (or dirty laundry).

Instead, this happy enterprise encompasses happy people and a happy earth. With each purchase made, Happi Earth plants a mangrove tree in collaboration with the Worldview International Foundation helping to restore the damaged mangroves in Myanmar.

Each packet of laundry liquid is certified organic and will last for 400 washes. The Happi pouch is made from Kraft paper that has a fine plastic lining to prevent leakage. What’s more, when you’re finished, you can buy a refill. The pouch has been designed to be sent back to Happi Earth, sterilised and refilled, eliminating 99% of plastic packaging waste from our laundry routine. Also helping to save the planet from the millions of plastic bottles of laundry detergent we get through each year. Nice work!! 


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