Niugini Organics

Niugini Organics has its roots in the traditional coconut oil production methods of the tiny island of Emirau, Papua New Guinea. The result is 100% pure, organic, raw virgin coconut cooking oils and soaps.

Founder Debra is originally from Emirau and still works closely with the coconut farmers there to ensure they get paid a fair price for their coconuts and are able to live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

All Niugini Organics products are made from unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorised, cold pressed coconut oil that has been wild-harvested. And because these fine coconuts don't have far to travel to us here in Australia, they're responsible for far fewer food miles and carbon emissions.

Virgin coconut oil may be relatively new to us, but Debra knows that it's been around far longer. And we can thank people like Debra for bringing this clear, delicious oil with its faint smell of coconut ice into our lives forever!