Olio & Pane

Bring a little slice of Italian deli into your home with Olio & Pane.

Olio & Pane are small artisanal organic producers, based in Tuscany where the sun naturally ripens the tomatoes and helps the basil grow beautifully.

When the sun has ripened the organic tomatoes, they're handpicked with the utmost care and processed within 48 hours to ensure their freshness and flavor.

And you can definitely taste the sun in each jar! Olio & Pane tomato based pasta sauces are healthy and taste just like a homemade sauce Nona would make. Which is lucky, as we're pretty sure Nona wouldn't let them leave their premises if they didn't.

Their basil pesto sauces are just as perfect, made using the freshest basil and most indulgent Italian extra virgin olive oil. It's intense and fragrant flavor is ideal stirred through pasta or added to vegetable soups.

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