TOM Organic

All TOM (Time of the Month) Organic products are free from the unnecessary pesticides, bleaches and synthetic chemicals that many other feminine hygiene products contain, that can pollute the planet and irritate delicate skin.

TOM Organic founder, Aimee, believes in "giving women products that are a beautiful choice and inspire a positive impact for life". With her products, you won't have to compromise your wellbeing for the health of the planet.

TOM products are made using organic cotton which doesn't expose the cotton farmers to harmful pesticides either. All TOM tampons and pads are 100% biodegradable and the outer packaging is recyclable and FSC certified.

So you truly can make a difference at that time of the month!

TOM Tampons Mini ~ 2 x 8 Twin Pack

TOM Tampons Mini ~ 2 x 8 Twin Pack

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