Best Natural Aluminium Deodorant

We all sweat! Sweating is a natural bodily function that aims to reduce your temperature when you’re too hot. Unfortunately, although your sweat has no odour, the moist environment produced by perspiration encourages the growth of bacteria that break down the acid that’s present in the sweat, and it is this that causes any unpleasant smells. +

To reduce or eliminate those smells, we can either use an antiperspirant to stop the perspiration or a deodorant that still allows you to sweat but masks any unpleasant odours that result. These products use chemicals, however, and cause harm to the environment as well as ourselves.

Why Using Aluminium Free, Natural Deodorant Is A Good Idea

Traditional antiperspirants work by using aluminium salts to temporarily block the sweat ducts and so prevent perspiration from reaching the surface of the skin. However, sweating is a natural function that removes toxins from your body as well as helping to regulate temperature, so preventing it from happening is not really a good thing to do.

The aluminium works with keratin fibres in the sweat ducts and molecules on the surface of the skin to plug the ducts but can also be absorbed into the skin. There are reports suggesting that the aluminium can increase the risk of breast cancer, as can parabens that are present in antiperspirants. So, although these suggestions have never been scientifically proven, it is a potential risk that can be avoided by using other products.

One unsavoury outcome of using aluminium based antiperspirants is that aluminium does react with any sweat that is produced. This results in the yellow staining that sometimes appears on light coloured clothing but doesn’t appear when an aluminium free deodorant is used.

One final point is that many chemical deodorants and antiperspirants are produced by companies that use animals for testing. Our natural versions don’t and so can be bought as truly cruelty-free products.

Use the Best Natural Deodorant for the Best Result

Our aluminium free deodorant does not prevent the natural perspiration producing function of the body and so allows the cooling process to take place and toxins to be flushed out. It contains only natural ingredients and has nothing that will cause harm, irritation or discomfort. We also offer a range of certified organic deodorants and also a range that is completely plastic free!

Some of our natural deodorants use activated charcoal to absorb moisture and neutralise any odours that result and has a pleasant and subtle scent that is derived from natural essential oils. As well as the absence of aluminium, there are no synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals and, because it’s a cruelty free product, you can be absolutely sure no animal testing has been done. Our deodorants work quickly and effectively for long periods, so you feel comfortable and dry throughout the day.

The Best Aluminium-Free Deodorant On The Market

All our natural deodorants simply form an absorbent barrier on your underarms that prevents perspiration from getting onto your clothes and causing unpleasant smells. Since it allows your sweat glands to perform normally once again, you may find your perspiration levels increase slightly during the first few weeks of use. However, if you persevere with using the product, you’ll gradually adjust and won’t regret your decision to switch to the best natural deodorant available.

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