Reusable Drink Bottles

Why Buy Reusable Drink Bottles

You can’t have missed the fact that over the last decade, reusable drink bottles have become a more and more prominent feature. In the gym, in the office, on public transport, in the park, at schools – everyone seems to be drinking from reusable drinking bottles. Everyone from celebrities to your boss to your bus or cab driver is drinking from reusable bottles.

If you’re considering following suit and wondering why you should do so, we’ve broken the key reasons behind this trend and why you too need to introduce a reusable drink bottle into your life:

Reduce plastic waste

Worldwide, there is constant publicity and a drive to reduce plastic waste. Most plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and so is causing a significant pollution issue, affecting wildlife and contributing negatively to the wider environment.

One of the key drivers of plastic waste is the use and disposal of plastic drinks bottles. These single-use plastics are contributing to hundreds of millions of units of plastic waste each year. By switching from single-use plastic drink bottles to reusable drink bottles, you can play an important role in dramatically reducing the level of plastic waste generated every year. Read More

The economic option

A single-use plastic bottle of drink may seem cheap. However, if you were to add up the total cost you spend of throwaway, single-use bottles of water, fruit and fizzy drinks every year, you would be thoroughly alarmed. Buying a reusable drink bottle proves the much more economic option.

Available in a variety of sizes and with the ability to keep your drinks cool, you can simply fill at home and always have a drink available on the go. At the same time, you’ll be having a ton of cash on buying single-use bottles from the store or vending machine.

Use for storing whatever liquids you like

Reusable drink bottles are not just for storing water – you can use them for storing both hot and cold liquids. Most quality reusable bottles have the ability to maintain the ideal temperature of the liquids within, keeping your soups, teas and coffees hot and your sports drinks, lemonades and even your beers ice cold.

Shop Reusable Drink Bottles Online with Wholesome Hub

Ever keen to support the plastic-free movement, Wholesome Hub are proud stockists of the best reusable drink bottles Australia wide. Stocking a large collection of reusable bottles, in a variety of colours and sizes, from local and global eco-friendly brands, it has never been so easy to purchase a quality reusable drinks bottle.

Some of our most popular reusable drinks bottles include:

Onya Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles

Available in 6 classic metallic colours and a range of great sizes, the Onya Stainless Steel Bottles are undoubtedly a Wholesome Hub customer favourite. The Onya reusable drink bottles feature a unique ergonomic curved design, which make them easy and comfortable to hold, even if out for a run or on a long journey. They are BPA free and are also 50% thicker than other drink bottles on the market, ensuring great strength and durability, even if they take frequent tumbles!

24 Bottles Clima Bottles

One of the more premium level reusable drinks bottles, the 24 Bottles Clima Bottle is an incredibly smart investment. These stainless-steel, double insulated, drinks bottles can ensure to keep your chosen cold drink cold for 24 hours or even more impressively, your hot drink hot for 12 hours.

With a leak-proof lid, you can avoid unwanted spillages, yet the mouth is wide enough to add ice to your drink if you want and to ensure it is ever so easy to clean. This is a drinks bottle you will reuse and treasure for many years.

Shop Online Today With Wholesome Hub

Find your ideal reusable drinks bottle online today with Wholesome Hub. We’ve got hundreds of great organic, natural and eco-friendly products to choose from once you’re ready to browse some more too!

Browse our range of organic products. From reusable water bottles, coffee cups and drinking straws, to natural toothpaste, deodorant or even vegan food!

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