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The amount of plastic that finds its way into our oceans each year is heartbreaking. In the U.S. alone people use 50 billion plastic water bottles each year and less than a quarter of those bottles are properly recycled. +

In Australia, we are a little better but an estimated 373 million bottles still end up as waste. This awful use of plastic is having a terrible impact on our oceans and it makes up a significant portion of the estimated 14 billion pounds of waste that finds its ways into our oceans each year.

We can all play a part in reducing the amount of plastic that is wasted each year by looking at our own actions and reducing our own footprint. When it comes to reusable water bottles Australia we are pretty good at using them. The day-to-day use of these bottles helps people to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that they use each year and every bottle helps.

Here’s what makes our bottles a favourite among our customers.

Australia's Premier Reusable Water Bottles

The purchase of single-use plastic bottles isn’t just a nightmare for our planet, but it can also hurt your hip pocket and purse! Reusable water bottles are an awesome way to save some cash while also helping out the environment.

Over the course of the year people who use reusable water bottles can save hundreds of dollars and if you invest in multiple bottles for the entire family, this number can increase.

Prevent Waste - Reusing Your Water Bottle

Our bottles are made from the strongest and most neutral materials so that your refreshing water and drinks will never be tainted as long as the bottle lasts. Not only does this mean that flavours aren’t retained or imparted, it also means that your bottle is very safe. Because the bottle is 100% BPA free it has no phthalates or toxins that can be present in plastic.

Top Quality Water Bottles Made For Reuse

When people are looking to buy stainless steel water bottles they have a lot to consider. All the way from design and size to functionality, there’s a lot going on.

Our bottles have been designed with people in mind, so it really is incredibly comfortable and convenient to use. For example, the mouth piece may be wide, which is perfect for those hot summer days and allowing you to top your refreshing drinks up with ice – happy days!

The stainless steel lid also has a leak-proof silicone seal that means it can confidently be carried in a bag alongside other belongings. The bottles don’t condensate either, which is another important thing to consider when carrying it inside a bag alongside other items. The bottle can also be carried on planes which makes it the perfect travel companion.

Browse For Reusable Water Bottles Today

If you are looking for stainless steel water bottles Australia browse our products. We have a wide range of styles and designs available – and adding more all the time, so we are confident that there will be something there for you.

The Top Reasons To Buy a Reusable Water Bottle in Australia

When people choose to buy water bottles that are reusable instead of drinking from plastic drinking bottles, they win and the environment wins! Here are some of the reasons why buying a reusable drink bottle from Wholesome Hub is the best thing you can do for your health and the environment this year;

Choose from stylish designs – From vibrant purple and bottle green to electric blue and charcoal grey, we have a huge range of colours for you to choose from. You can also choose from a selection of different styles and different sized bottles as we have 500ml, 750ml and 1L bottles available. 

Ergonomic design – The Onya bottles feature a unique ergonomic curved design for comfort which can help to reduce the chances of you dropping your favourite new drinking bottle.

Fresh taste – Unlike plastic drinking bottles, the stainless material that’s used to make our reusable water bottles doesn’t affect the taste of beverages in any way. Bottled water can taste like plastic as plastic degrades over time and nasty chemicals leach into the water which, as you can imagine, can cause all kinds of problems.

Healthier – Plastic is toxic so why expose your body to it when you can use a long-lasting metal reusable bottle that’s BPA free? Onya and 24 Bottles bottles are made using the best quality materials and are sealed with non-toxic enviro paint.

Durable – Onya bottles and 24 Bottles are extremely durable as they are 50% thicker when compared to other drink bottles on the market. You can take your new drink bottle when doing sports and climbing mountains without having to worry about it denting should it get a knock.

Cost effective – Have you ever thought about the total amount of money you’ve spent on bottled water? If you’re like most Australians, the number will shock you. Save money by saying no to single use plastic and saying yes to drinking filtered water from a reusable bottle that’s 100% recyclable.

Suitable for any beverage – You can fill your reusable drink bottle with any beverage you like as they are perfectly suitable for milk, chocolate drinks, energy drinks, concentrate drinks and so much more.

Easy to clean – Are you looking for a reusable water bottle that’s easy to clean? You’ve just found it. All you need is warm water, soap solution, a cloth or sponge and some elbow grease to keep your bottle looking and smelling clean. Sterilisation is also very easy and we’d recommend doing this often, especially if you use your bottle daily.

Protect the environment – Naturally, you will also be protecting the environment by making this smart choice because not only is reusable & fully recyclable, but you’ll also be helping to reduce pollution and the demand for natural resources.   

Protect the Environment With Water Bottles You Can Reuse

Whether you’re buying a bottle for yourself or for someone else as a gift, we promise that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. For more info on our products, all you have to do is reach out to us today and we’d be more than happy to help you.

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