BioBag are an awesome company that produce 100% compostable rubbish bags, bin liners, resealable food storage bags, produce bags, doggy poop bags are more. They’re a brand that do their utmost to be sustainable and truly care about the world we live in by leaving as small a footprint as possible.

We love their innovative bags made from non GM corn starch and we’re not alone. More than 6 million households around the world also think the same! BioBags break down in warm, outdoor compost conditions but will also last on our shelves and in our cupboards for two years without starting to break down. And that’s a win all round! Read More

Proud Stockists of the Full BioBag Australia Range

At Wholesome Hub, our range of products is ever-growing. In a bid to stock products from the best health, sustainable and environmentally friendly brands, we are forever researching and relationship building in the market. We are proud to provide Australia with full access to the BioBag range, a global brand that is truly pioneering the trend observed worldwide of people and businesses moving away from their use of polyethylene plastic bags.

We too want to ensure we are contributing to the worldwide plastic free movement and so are delighted to stock a great range of BioBag’s compostable bags for household and business use.

Explore The BioBag Range

BioBag Bin Liners

Take out the trash the sustainable way with BioBag’s compostable bin liners. These plastic free bin bag liners are perfect for holding and disposing of your weekly rubbish collection. With sizes ranging from 8 litres to 30 litres, BioBag Bin Liners meet the waste disposal needs of every household.

BioBag Carry Bags

The dual-purpose carry bags – use them for carrying your shopping, gym or swimming wear or even the contents of a beach picnic then reuse as a bin bag once you’re done. The ideal solution for environmentally conscious shops, restaurants and market stall owners too. Your customers will really appreciate being given a sustainable carry bag!

BioBag Compost Bags

Ranging in size from 10 litres to 30 litres, the BioBag Compost Bags are totally compatible with any compostable area. Made from sustainably sourced plant starch, they offer the ideal solution for storing and disposing of your food waste in the home.

For businesses who have larger food waste disposal needs, check out the BioBag SuperLiner Compost Bags. With 5 different sizes available, ranging from 35 litres to 240 litres, they are the supersized option to sustainably store and dispose of large amounts of food waste.

BioBag Doggy Waste Bags

To the dog owners who take the responsibility to pick up and dispose of their dog waste, we salute you! However, the key to really doing your bit for the environment is to ensure you use a sustainable doggy waste bag to pick up and dispose of any doggy doo-doo!

Normal plastic bags take hundreds of years to compost while the BioBag doggy waste bags compost within 10-45 days.

BioBag Food Storage Bags

Meal prepping and bringing food on the go in a plastic resealable bag is common practice. Across the globe, we have also become more aware of reducing our food waste and have been stashing away leftovers securely in sealable bags.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, but we really need to look at swapping out those plastic resealable bags. Luckily, BioBag have the answer – completely biodegradable, resealable food storage bags! Toss the bag in the compost, with any leftovers inside and it will begin to compost in days.

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