Soleo Organics

Soleo Organics, part of the Skin Elements brand, is an award-winning, natural skincare company based in Australia. Their range of all-natural sunscreens truly care for you and your skin and contain no potentially harmful chemical ingredients.

Soleo Organics' sunscreen contain nothing but natural and organic ingredients and because they're so natural, they're better for the environment, too.

Their products are developed using naturopathic principles, which include natural and holistic healing, and are an excellent alternative to chemical-based sunscreens.

Suitable for both adults and children, not only will they protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, they'll keep it healthy and nourished too.

No longer do you have to either hide from the sun, or use chemical-laden sunscreens. Use sunscreen from Soleo Organics and say goodbye to dry, irritated and sunburnt skin! Read More

Why Make The Switch to Natural, Organic Sunscreen

There is a worldwide trend of people actively making the switch from using standard sunscreen products to natural, organic alternatives like those from the Soleo Organics range. The use of sunscreen for protection against the sun’s harmful rays is imperative, even on days where it may seem cloudy and dull. The link between lack of sunscreen use and skin damage and skin cancers is undeniable after all.

Now, not only are an increasing number of people actively using sunscreen, but they are even exploring more natural sunscreen products. There are lots of reasons why this is the case:

No compromise on safety

Despite common misconceptions, using natural sunscreen products does not mean a drop in sun protection. After all, every sunscreen product brought to market must pass legislative standards before they can be sold to the public. Just like standard sunscreen products, you must endeavour to choose the natural sunscreen product that offers the level of UV protection you need. To ensure maximum sun protection, always try to purchase a product which offers both UVA and UVB protection too.

Protect sensitive, pregnant or baby’s skin

Standard sunscreens tend to have rich chemical formulas, inclusive of ingredients such as parabens, PEG compounds, phthalates, formaldehyde, ethoxylated ingredients, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances and colours.

Such chemicals can prove unsafe for pregnant women as when absorbed by the skin can disrupt hormone levels and make their way into breast milk. They can also prove harsh and irritate those with sensitive skin, including babies and young children. Those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema should always seek out natural, chemical free sunscreens.

More eco-friendly

Another core benefit of natural sunscreens is that their formulas tend to be more eco-friendly than standard sunscreen products. You will often find that they are not tested on animals, avoid the use of any toxic ingredients which may harm marine life and are suitable for vegetarians. Purchasing natural sunscreen products is therefore not only kinder to your skin but to the environment too.

Why We Adore The Soleo Organics Range

At Wholesome Hub, we pride ourselves on promoting the use of natural products and are particularly huge advocates of the use of natural sunscreens. For us, becoming Soleo Organics stockists was an absolute must, as we considered to be one of THE best natural sunscreen brands worldwide.

It’s not just the gentle yet super protective natural formula that we adore, here are some of the other key reasons why we are such huge fans of the Sole Organics brand:


Protecting your skin from the sun is a necessity, but it can prove expensive, particularly if seeking out quality natural sunscreen alternatives. The affordability of the Soleo Organics range ensures that using natural sunscreen formula is an accessible option for all. As natural sunscreen goes, you will find it hard to beat the combination of quality and affordability that the Soleo Organics sunscreens offer.


Soleo Organics is a multiple award-winning sunscreen Australian brand by Skin Elements. That in itself demonstrates significant credibility. However, the brand is also backed by hundreds of glowing customer reviews online as well as featuring as a recommended product in multiple beauty and health publications.


The natural formula is free from chemicals such as parabens, SLS and BPA which can be harmful to both the skin and the environment. However, Soleo Organics go even further to ensure their product range is eco-friendly. Each sunscreen from the brand comes in a 100% recyclable container and packaging.

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