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Choosing a vegan lifestyle or a plant based lifestyle is on the increase as more people are becoming aware of the health benefits, not just for our own health, but that of all animals and our planet. 

To help make the journey a little easier to live a healthy vegan diet or plant based lifestyle check out our wide range of products below or visit all things vegan at Wholesome Hub. +

A Varied Diet of Vegan Food

Many people who don’t buy into the ideal belief that vegan food is boring — largely tasteless and lacking in variety. That’s a serioulsy yesterday and nothing could be further from the truth!

Vegan food now has the same level of variety and taste and offers a wide range of choices. You can snack on salads, sandwiches, soups and have a full healthy meal which includes various dairy free, egg free and meat free alternatives. And main courses don’t just have to be a bowl of veggies either. With so many vegan options, recipes, guides, eBooks and ideas available – choosing a vegan lifestyle and finding a yummy vegan recipe is easy.

At Wholesome Hub we do believe that a vegan lifestyle and organic lifestyle go hand and hand and choosing organic vegan options, means that no harmful chemicals have been used which is much better for all animals, us humans and planet too. Right!

In saying that, if you a following a vegan lifestyle you do need to read the labels because it’s not always as straightforward as it might appear; animal products and by-products are sometimes not obvious. Honey is obviously from bees but other foods are less clear, with many products made from eggs or milk and some food glazes, for example, made from insect secretions. At Welcome Hub, when you buy vegan food online, you can be sure that nothing contains any animal products or by-products.

A Healthy and Nutritious Diet when you Buy Vegan Food Online

Buying vegan food isn’t the same as buying healthy food because a diet comprising vegan versions of pizzas and burgers won’t provide the balance you need. However, a well-planned vegan diet will ensure you comply with healthy eating guidance by providing fruit and vegetables, more fibre and whole grains, and less saturated fat. A properly planned and balanced diet will help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease.

No matter how old you are, whatever your state of fitness or what diet you choose, a well-planned diet that you follow properly can improve your general health. To do this, you need a proper balance of:

  • Vitamins (B2 from green vegetables, mushrooms, whole grains, yeast extract and almonds; B12 from cereals, soya milk and yeast extract; D from sunshine, fortified foods, soya milk and vegetable margarine)
  • Calcium and Minerals from green vegetables, almonds, watercress, sesame seeds and tofu
  • Proteins from nuts, whole grains, pulses and seeds
  • Iodine from seaweed and vegetables
  • Fatty Acids from plant oils.

Looking to buy Vegan food Online?

If you’re looking for vegan food online in Australia you’ve come to the right place as we believe that Wholesome Hub is the best-trusted retailer of 100% certified organic, vegan products online!

We created Wholesome Hub to be a place to support wholesome, organic, healthy products and lifestyles. We believe that the key to a healthy life is good food and natural products that are made with quality and care rather than throwaway solutions or quick fixes. In this world of fast food and genetically modified fruits and vegetables, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what we are putting in our bodies and with health problems on the rise and being more and more linked to our diets it’s more important than ever before to be conscious about what we’re buying.

With Wholesome Hub you can rest easy knowing that we vet all of the companies and brands we support and ensure that we offer our customers the best selection of vegan, cruelty-free products and food available. We look at all aspects of our brand's products to ensure that the sourcing, packaging, and production are as eco-friendly and true to our principles.

What is a ‘Vegan’ product?

Vegan products are food and materials from clothing to makeup that is created without causing harm to any animal. To be considered Vegan, food products need to use no animal sources and be completely 100% plant-based, this extends from abstaining from eating the flesh of an animal to not consuming any of their products including milk and eggs. These items should also be created and packaged in a cruelty-free facility that doesn’t use items such as silk (that also harms animals) for packaging and shipping purposes.

Outside of food, products being vegan certified means that items should not use animal hair or parts and also means that the items should not be tested on animals. Items such as honey are also considered not vegan because of the disruption it causes to bees to obtain it. Furthermore, vegan products need to be harvested sustainably with a lot of thought and consideration to how they could impact the environment.

Why Choose Vegan Products?

Vegan products are often much healthier for us as they all tend to be plant-based, which means that they provide our diets with the fibre, vitamins and minerals most of us miss from not having enough fruits and vegetables in our diet. Vegan diets also force us to be more conscious about our health by ensuring that we supplement the vitamins we would normally get from meat and dairy in other, often healthier ways. Also, in general, vegan diets are kinder to the planet as they do not create nearly as much greenhouse gas emissions or use nearly as much water as the meat industry does.

Then, of course, there’s the huge bonus of not harming animals when creating vegan foods and products! If you’re interested in talking more about our vegan choices, please feel free to give us a call at 1300 668 747, we look forward to hearing from you!

At Wholesome Hub, we make it easy to buy vegan food online. Everything that’s labelled as vegan is 100% vegan and the wide choices available make choosing a balanced and varied diet really easy.

Browse our range of organic products. From reusable water bottles, coffee cups and drinking straws, to natural toothpaste, deodorant or even vegan food!

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