Say yes to plastic free periods! And say good-bye to plastics, perfumes and chlorine. Natracare's organic and natural range of tampons, pads, panty liners and wipes have been trusted and loved by girls and women all over the world since 1989. 

Natracare is passionate about protecting your health and protecting our environment. All their pads, tampons, panty liners and wipes are made from soft certified organic biodegradable cotton, they are free from chlorine, bleaches and animal testing and all the materials are sustainably sourced.

With Natracare you can be kind to your body each month and kind to planet earth. Read More

Want Plastic-Free Periods, try Natracare!

At Wholesome Hub, we’ve designed our site to bring eco friendly, organic products to Australians who are not only concerned about their own health and wellness but the health and wellness of our planet as a whole. Natracare is a brand we are very pleased to carry because they, like us, believe that we should be living more natural lives to save our planet, and to take better care of ourselves.

Female hygiene is so important and yet at every drugstore or big-box store, the options we are given are simply not good ones. From an environmental side, when you consider that women use over 45 billion menstrual products every year that are largely plastic based and non-biodegradable, it’s insane.

Natracare products are made from renewable, biodegradable and certifiably compostable materials. They work as well, if not better than the standard brands but won’t be polluting the planet for the next 500 years. However, plastic is not just an environmental issue; it’s also a personal health issue. Wearing plastic based pads and panty liners can not only be sweaty and uncomfortable but can irritate your skin causing unbalanced PH levels and encouraging harmful bacterial growth. Natracare panty liners, on the other hand, are made to be functional, but also gentle, breathable and with comfort and female health in mind!

Why Choose Natracare?

Natracare was created in the 1980s when eco-warrior Susie (founder and owner of Natracare) learned about the impact of dioxin pollution and the damaging role that plastic played in it. She was appalled to find that all of her period products contained those ingredients and no natural disposable option existed. To this day the company is consistently growing and evolving, in fact, Natracare dry and light pads, tampons and other products are all gynaecologist recommended, certified organic, chlorine free and have no fibre loss!

We bet you’re wondering “what is fibre loss?” Well, fibre loss is the issue of small fibres falling away from most standard tampons, with many brands you will notice fibres falling away from the tampon if left in a glass of water for only a few minutes, so image what happens in your body. Apart from the hygienic concerns of foreign fibres remaining in the vagina, there is also again worries about disrupting PH balance and promoting unhealthy bacteria growth.

Another big point we mentioned is that Natracare is chlorine free. In addition to chlorine being something you should not be putting inside your body (if you’ve swum in a heavily chlorinated pool and had your skin hate you the next day you’ll understand) the chlorine bleaching process also produces dioxins as a by-product. Dioxins and Furans are cancer-causing chemicals, a few parts per trillion in body fat can cause serious health problems, and they build up in the body over time. Natracare uses a ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) method that does not create dioxins or furans and is the most eco-friendly method.

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