Ceres Organics

Founded in 1982 in Auckland, Ceres Organics began out of necessity by Juliet Lamont who wanted to feed her two young boys fresh and organic food but couldn't find any readily available in her local shops. Juliet spoke to other mothers and local people and learned that others wanted this kind of food too. So she enlisted the help of organic farmers and set up a small stall selling fresh, organic produce.

Juliet's stall grew to become a weekly co-op from her garage and is now a 120-strong team of passionate organic food suppliers.

Ceres Organics was the first EcoSocial certified company in New Zealand, awarded for its fair trade and ethical and responsible sourcing ethos.

Stock your cupboards with Ceres Organics organic flours, seeds, grains, snacks and more, and reap the benefits of such wholesome and flavorsome food.