Ceres Organics

Founded in 1982 in Auckland, Ceres Organics began out of necessity by Juliet Lamont who wanted to feed her two young boys fresh and organic food but couldn't find any readily available in her local shops. Juliet spoke to other mothers and local people and learned that others wanted this kind of food too. So she enlisted the help of organic farmers and set up a small stall selling fresh, organic produce.

Juliet's stall grew to become a weekly co-op from her garage and is now a 120-strong team of passionate organic food suppliers.

Ceres Organics was the first EcoSocial certified company in New Zealand, awarded for its fair trade and ethical and responsible sourcing ethos.

Stock your cupboards with Ceres Organics organic flours, seeds, grains, snacks and more, and reap the benefits of such wholesome and flavorsome food. Read More

Stockists of Ceres Organics Australia

Organic foods and baking products are consistently in high demand among our customer base. That’s why there is an onus on our team to be always searching for and securing relationships with the best organic food brands on the market. Ceres Organics is a brand we have always been a fan of – it is a brand that is born and bred in our neighbouring country of New Zealand after all.

As one of the most recognised organic food brands in Australia, it was a necessity that we stock some of the best-loved products from the Ceres Organics range among our online store. The range of products that we carry from the brand continues to grow, and today, we are proud stockists of almost 50 different fantastic products from their collection. Enjoy free Ceres Organics delivery direct to your door when you spend over $99 across any products from any brand from our online store.

Shop the Ceres Organics Range

With almost 50 different products to choose from, the Ceres Organics range delivers a great diversity of organic food products including:

Baking and Cooking Ingredients

Stock up your baking cupboard with essential ingredients like Ceres Organics rice flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, moringa flour and green banana flour. Take your baking delights to a new level of deliciousness with ingredients such as cashew clusters, tamari roasted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and dried mango slices.

Power up your favourite dishes with a blast of nutrition with high quality wasabi powder, beetroot powder, garlic powder, wholemeal couscous, gluten free polenta, red quinoa or tamari sauce.

Pasta and Spaghettis

Make Ceres Organics your go-to brand for the tastiest gluten free spaghetti and pastas. Enjoy sorghum fusilli pasta, sorghum organic spaghetti, rice and quinoa penne and fusilli pastas as well as rice and quinoa based spaghetti.


Ceres Organics have a great range of healthy snacks that also happen to be ever so tasty! Their Crunchy Peanut Butter is a particular favourite of the Wholesome Hub team and is particularly delicious when layered over the brand’s no salt, brown rice cakes. Other treats and snacks from the range that have proven a big hit with our team and our customers include the Source Cream and Chives Rice Bites, the Tamari Soy Rice Crackers and the Mild Chilli Roasted Seaweed Snack.

Your One-Stop Shop For Natural and Organic Products

Here at Wholesome Hub, our range extends far beyond the Ceres Organics brand. With hundreds of products in stock, our online store is your complete one-stop online shop for natural and organic products. As we move towards becoming one of Australia’s leading online natural health shops, our product range simply continues to grow and grow.

From natural baby products to organic foods, eco-friendly household products to functional drinks, natural skincare, bodycare and make-up and much, much more, we make it easy to get all the natural and organic products you need with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Stockists of some of the best brands on the market including Amisa, Natracare, Biona, Organico, Soleo Organics, Comvita, Bragg, Grant’s, Georganics and lots more, it has never been easier to access quality natural products at affordable prices – without leaving your home! Enjoy free delivery on all orders over $99 to any address in Australia. With hundreds of products to choose from, trust us, you will quickly and easily fill your basket!

Browse our range of organic products. From reusable water bottles, coffee cups and drinking straws, to natural toothpaste, deodorant or even vegan food!

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