Cruelty Free

I’m an animal lover! I’m not vegan but that doesn’t mean I don’t deeply and genuinely care for, adore and love our furry, feathered and scaly friends. The thought of any animal being hurt and treated cruelly breaks my heart so I can’t tell you how important cruelty free products are to me.

At Wholesome Hub, we actively support to end animal testing of personal care, cosmetics and household products. Like the Choose Cruelty Free Organisation, our Cruelty Free value relates specifically to this very important issue and not necessarily to the ingredients used. If you are however concerned about a particular ingredient like honey or palm oil, then we can definitely help with that too. Just look for the Vegan and Palm Oil Free values when shopping next for goodies to make you, your house all clean, sparkly and fresh.

 Go Bamboo Veggie Brush

Go Bamboo Veggie Brush


King Soba Basmati White Rice Noodles (Organic) ~250g

King Soba Basmati White Rice Noodles (Organic) ~25

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