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Over the years, farming has become ever more industrialised with a greater emphasis on getting maximum output at the least cost. This, in turn, has led to the use of pesticides, weedkiller, feeds and a whole variety of chemicals that are intended to increase the amount of crops produced. +

The outcome of all this has, in the view of many, resulted in crops that are bigger and have a better appearance, but also are relatively tasteless, less nutritious and potentially dangerous due to the level of chemicals they contain.

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Almost 300 pesticides are used regularly in non-organic farming with an apple being sprayed up to sixteen times during its development and treated with 36 pesticides. These pesticides are used widely and in very large quantities, being intended to control crop diseases as well as killing insects and weeds.

Although they generally achieve their aims, there are other consequences. As well as eradicating pests, the chemicals can also pollute water, poison wildlife, contaminate the environment and damage ecosystems. They also affect the crops they’re there to protect and often can’t be removed by washing and cooking.

It is known that the majority of fruit and vegetables produced by traditional methods contain traces of more than one pesticide. When genetically modified (GM) crops are produced, the situation is even worse since a greater use of spraying has led to herbicide-resistant weeds that require additional treatment.

Chemical use is also an increasing problem in meat, farm animals being routinely treated with antibiotics. These are then passed on to humans who eat the meat, resulting in greater resistance to antibiotics that can prevent the successful treatment of various bacterial infections.

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Food grown by organic methods is not treated with synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers and any treatments that are used are created from natural ingredients. Additionally, GM and irradiated crops are banned, the emphasis being on maintaining a healthy and fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops by natural methods.

In organic farming, the regular use of antibiotics, often only for preventative use rather than actual treatment, is banned. Instead, animals are properly housed in hygienic conditions and good husbandry is practised to limit the need to use antibiotics.

All organic food is reared or grown and made naturally with no artificial preservatives or colours. The outcome is food that is healthier, tastes much better and is produced by methods that are much more sustainable in the long term.

As well as tasting better, organic food is better for you. Organic fruit and vegetables have higher levels of vitamins, beneficial minerals and essential amino acids than those produced by traditional methods. Organic milk also has almost 70% more essential fatty acids, which help to maintain normal bodily functions. All the organic products we sell online fully comply with organic standards, are fully traceable and taste wonderful. The great range we provide means you’ve plenty of choice so can start to eat better and healthier straightaway.

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