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Hello, and welcome to Wholesome Hub, the best source for certified organic health food online. Wholesome Hub was born out of a desire and need to live healthier lives, make better food choices for ourselves and our families and leave less of a footprint on our beautiful planet.

In 2004 our founder Sandy was at a crossroad. She had just been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and surgery, drugs and even the possibility of not having children were some of the painful realities she had to discuss with her doctors. When asking about natural treatments and remedies, she was shuffled out the door, with a prescription in hand. When she finally filled the prescription, she read the potential side effects and it inspired a drastic life change. She cleaned out her fridge removing every scrap of non-organic food, signed up for a yoga class and found an incredible naturopath. A year later, the endometriosis was gone!

Today she has two beautiful children and is passing her good fortune forward through Wholesome Hub. we truly believe that natural products and healthy organic food will change your life and allow you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself, so for all the conscious shoppers, change makers, rule breakers, health and planet lovers, you’re in the right place! Read More

What We Offer

We are the best online health food store in Australia, and we’ve earned that title not only by offering the very best products but also by having an incredible selection to choose from! We even offer ready meals and not the ones loaded with sugar and salt and made for the microwave. We’re talking about hearty soups, falafel mixes, easy to cook risottos and other incredible certified organic meals that are quick and easy to prepare, together with baking staples, snacks and more!

Beyond that most of our food selections are produced right here in Australia so you can fill up on our broths, nuts, oils, chocolates and more all while knowing they’re made from natural ingredients with low environmental impact! We carry dozens of different brands and are always looking to expand our selection. Think we should carry something that we don’t yet stock? No problem! We love getting suggestions about great brands that follow our principals of organic, natural, healthy food with a low environmental footprint.

Why Choose Us?

Wholesome Hub was created to make life easier for those who want to live healthier but don’t necessarily have the time to spend running around from market to market trying to find the right brands at the right price. We’ve done all that legwork for you! By creating a hub of wholesome products to choose from we aim for you to be able to browse our site, find everything you need and receive it in one easy order, no muss no fuss!

To suggest a product, or even to ask questions about what we currently offer we’d love to hear from you! Please give us a call at 1300 668 747 or feel free to message us on social media!

Browse our range of organic products. From reusable water bottles, coffee cups and drinking straws, to natural toothpaste, deodorant or even vegan food!

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