Fish4Ever are the crusaders of the sea! They are 100 million per cent dedicated to protecting our oceans and marine life and promoting sustainability, but it’s not just the sea they care about. Fish4Ever deeply care about the people that do the fishing, the local communities whose livelihoods depend on the sea and the people who work by hand in the small artisan factories. Fish4Ever calls this their “sea, land and people” approach as they look at sustainability from a holistic perspective and carefully consider all the issue as a whole. 

Fish4Ever is the world leader in sustainable fishing and definitely the brand you can trust. Carrying accrediation from MSC and Friends of the Sea, their Skipjack Tuna has also been rated by Greenpeace Australia as the most sustainable option for the past 5 years and sets the benchmark for sustainable fishing in Australia and the world.

Fish4Ever skipjack tuna is sustainably fished by local fishermen in the pristine waters of the Azores using the traditional pole and line method. Fish4Ever supports local communities while ensuring no damage is done to the marine environment or animals. This is the best skipjack tuna in the world for quality and meaningful all-round sustainability.

Without your support sustainable fishing would not have come so far.