Loving Earth

Loving Earth is a company with an immense respect for the environment; a belief that is endemic in the many traditional and indigenous cultures around the world that they trade with.

Their three main principles are that their food should be healthy, sustainably farmed and traded fairly.

And they love quality, organic, real chocolate! They work with small producer communities around the world sourcing the highest quality organic and Fair Trade foods they can find. From bean to bar, Loving Earth make excellent chocolate from fabulous raw cacao.

Loving Earth began in 2007 when its founders Scott and Martha returned to Melbourne from Mexico, excitedly bringing with them the ingredients needed to create their very first raw chocolate bars.

From humble beginnings, and a lot of hard work and passion, today they make an awesome range of breakfast cereals, superfood snacks and raw vegan chocolate - all gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and 100% delicious!