Matcha Maiden

While its new “superfood” label might suggest quirky or complicated origins, matcha is simpler than most expect. It is simply 100% pure green tea leaves grown under special conditions and then stone ground into a delicate powdered form. Nothing you haven’t seen before, but just differently presented and more nutritionally concentrated, MIX N MATCHA is sourced from the world-renowned matcha mecca, Kyoto in Japan. It contains no added sugars or other nasties and is Japanese certified-organic.

Matcha Maiden is the brainchild of Melbourne-based (but endlessly wander lusting and forever daydreaming) couple, Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway. One, a serial entrepreneur with a full service digital agency among several other businesses and, the other, a former mergers and acquisitions lawyer and devout foodie – the two (both also very compatibly creatively inclined) formed a match(a) made in heaven to bring this vibrant green superfood to the forefront of the health food world.