Matcha Maiden

While its superfood label might suggest quirky or complicated origins, matcha is less complex than most expect. It's 100% regular green tea leaves grown under special conditions and then stone ground into a delicate powdered form. Pure and simple.

Unlike with normal green tea, where you brew the leaves in hot water and discard them, with matcha tea, the whole leaf is dissolved into hot water, along with all its lovely antioxidants and goodness.

Matcha Maiden is the brainchild of Melbourne-based (but endlessly wander lusting and forever daydreaming) couple, Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway.

Matcha Maiden teas are organically sourced from Kyoto in Japan, are gluten free and suitable for vegans. Nic and Sarah are a match(a) made in heaven to bring this vibrant green superfood to the forefront of the health food world.