Wrappa believe that covering, storing and transporting food shouldn’t involve single use cling film or silver foil. Instead, they believe that their fun, funky and environmentally friendly alternatives are the way forward! 

Handcrafted right here in Australia, Wrappa food wraps are made with 100% organic cotton and beeswax from local hives. Plus there’s a vegan friendly alternative made using a plant-based wax and jojoba oil. 

Wrap your leftovers, lunch or that half used lemon and say goodbye to throwaway wrappers forever. Simply wipe with a dishcloth after each use and use over and over again. 

Wrappa Cacti Jumbo Beeswax Wrap ~ 1 x Jumbo

Wrappa Cacti Jumbo Beeswax Wrap ~ 1 x Jumbo

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