Organic Selections

Who doesn't love a long soak in the bath? Add in some organic and health-giving bath salts and that bath turns into a veritable spa experience! With bath salts from Organic Selections, you add 84 mineral elements with each scoop, plus biodynamic essential oils for a heavenly scent and organic avocado oil to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Organic Selections believe in pure, simple, natural and organic products to look after our skin. Their 100% natural herbal blends are free from sulphates and artificial ingredients and are processed under strict organic controls to ensure their purity. These are products that don't literally cost the earth.

Instead these are products helping to support sustainability from a company committed to understanding the needs of our planet. They conscientiously help protect local soils, waterways and air quality and protect the rights of animals.

Make your bath even kinder by protecting our environment too.