Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods have been supplying health-conscious and eco aware Australians with organic superfoods since 2001.

They travel the world to learn the ancient wisdom behind traditional and unique foods so that we can enjoy their tastes and their benefits.

Power Super Foods specialise in organic, raw, vegan and low GI foods that have health-giving qualities and are free from chemical preservatives, pesticides and GMO fillers. They're 100% committed to socially and environmentally responsible farming, manufacture and production and fully support sustainable and traditional, slow farming practices.

By buying powders, seeds and berries from Power Super Foods, you're not only looking after your own health. You're looking after the health and wellbeing of the growers and pickers, and of the planet.

And in Power Super Foods own words, this is "win, win, win"!

Power Super Foods Cacao Powder (Organic) ~ 250g

Power Super Foods Cacao Powder (Organic) ~ 250g

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