Rigoni di Asiago

Organic jam from Rigoni de Asiago not only contains delicious, ripe fruit, it also contains Northern Italian sunshine.

The fruits in these sunny jams are grown in the Altopiano di Asiago region, a plateau within the mountains, with a stunning backdrop of meadows, woodlands and dramatic hillsides, all bathed in beautiful sunlight.

Ideal conditions for growing apricots, cherries and wild berries, we think you'll agree.

A family run business with proud roots, Rigoni de Asiago specialize in the juiciest of organic fruits.

Their resulting jams are a true pleasure, that don't just have to be reserved for breakfast - enjoy them on breads and pastries any time of day.

And as they're free from artificial colors, preservatives and added sugar, you can enjoy them guilt-free, too!

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