Grants of Australia Adult Bamboo Toothbrush ~ Medium

A clean and fresh mouth, without brushing discomfort!

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Constructed right here in Australia, Grants are quietly and efficiently revolutionising the oral hygiene industry with their developments in toothpastes and brushes. This eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush is the latest innovation!

Blessed with soft and gentle bristles that will be a welcome balm for anybody with sensitive teeth or sore gums, this toothbrush is entirely biodegradable. That doesn't mean that it's cheap and nasty, though; just like a pure plastic alternative that you'd pick up from a drugstore, you won't have to replace this toothbrush for around three months.

The difference is how this toothbrush is replaced. Rather than simply dropping your toothbrush into the trash to add the world's ever-growing landfill problem, the handle of this toothbrush is compostable thanks to the fact that's it's constructed from pure bamboo. Even the bristles can be recycled - just pull them out with a pair of pliars! Safe for the environment, gentle on teeth, devoid of any kind of unpleasent manufacturing practices and vegan-friendly ... there's nothing not to love about this product! Make the switch to bamboo today, and that dazzling smile you get from brushing your teeth will be well-earned thanks to your environmental conscience.

Grants biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly way to brush your teeth. Our handles are made from 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable bamboo. The bristles are made from 62% Castor Bean Oil and 38% plastic which aren’t compostable but can be recycled. Break off the bristle head or remove the bristles with pliers and recycle as per your local recycling facility guidelines. The bare bamboo handle can then be composted and will safely return to the soil. Each toothbrush is individually sealed in a corn starch wrapper than can be composted and boxes can be recycled.

Grants is the original Australian all natural oral care brand. Clean and protect your teeth naturally and safely with the confidence that Grants is good for you and your family.

The range of all natural oral care products taste great and are ideal for all your family. Since 1984, Grants have provided a natural way for you to fight plaque, prevent cavities and freshen your breath.

Grants are proud to provide you with healthy and effective products that are made from 100% natural ingredients, vegan certified, and completely free from all nasties (No fluoride, no parabens, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no sugar and no sulphates).

Produced in Australia

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