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The Climate Reality Leadership Program Brisbane 2019

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:12 June 2019 

The Climate Reality Leadership Program Brisbane 2019 The Climate Reality Leadership Program Brisbane 2019

Last week I had the amazing pleasure and gift of sharing the room with 699 other Australian and International guests from all walks of life, sectors and roles, spending three days in Brisbane with Al Gore and a group of inspiring scientists, researchers, policy makers, MPs, First Nations people and change-makers as part of the latest Climate Reality Leadership Program.

It was inspiring, educational, frustrating, sad and scary at times and everything in between as the answers to three key questions was explored:

Must We Change?
Can We Change?
Will We Change?


We heard from our Indigenous community and Torres Strait Islanders, the ones that have made the least impact but are being affected the most and the worst, right now. 

We heard from Great Barrier Reef researchers on the state of this natural wonder, which also serves as a key indicator for the health of our planet (and us, people).

We heard from the students that march for Climate Action and got goosebumps when they said the words loud and clear "we will be unstoppable". And so many more people. Each with their own story.

As people in our community and within the companies we work for. As Mum's, Dad's, children, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, partners, friends, decision makers, leaders, we all have the power to make a difference. I am extremely honoured to now be a Climate Reality Leader and can't wait to hopefully inspire, educate and motivate those of you that share my love and passion for our planet, and my concern.

What is Wholesome Hub Doing?

I established my first business First Ray 14 years ago because I cared about the health of people and the sustainability of our planet. I established Wholesome Hub two years ago, because I wanted the chance to connect with like minded people like you and help make buying sustainably and responsibly simple. Over that time, despite the ups and downs of business and the challenges I've faced trying to juggle work and a young family, my passion for making a difference has unwavered and today, it is stronger than ever.

My business partner and I have partnered with Greenfleet for over 13 years, offsetting the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of our goodies. We made the switch to 100% GreenPower. We constantly review our brands, products and processes, minimising our impact, energy use and waste where we can. We cannot continue to live a life of over consumption. 

We also seek to work with other ethical and sustainable businesses and people such as yourself that see the value in organic farming, going palm oil free, plastic free solutions.


What's Next

What we do in the next 10 to 20 years will quite possibly determine our foreseeable future as a human civilisation so I encourage you all to use your choices, voices and votes so that when you, or perhaps someone you know, looks back at this time you can say that you stood on the side of our planet.

The solutions we need exist today. All we need is the will and someone to stand up.
You are someone.

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