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Kick Start Your Spring and Re-energise in 4 Easy Steps

Author: Nicole McAuliffe   Date Posted:17 September 2017 

Kick Start Your Spring and Re-energise in 4 Easy Steps Kick Start Your Spring and Re-energise in 4 Easy Steps

Hi everyone, 

Finally spring has arrived, the days are getting longer and the temperature is warming up. This is the season of renewal and growth as we transition out of winter and head towards summer. It is a great time to get moving, clean out, eat clean and detox from what has been stored or built up over the colder winter months. Here’s how…

Get Moving
Movement allows our circulatory system and lymphatic system to move quicker and move all of our toxins and extra stored kilojoules out of storage to the liver to be removed from the body. Movement in the form of massage, stretching, yoga and pilates is a great way to start the process off, then slowly increasing the pace to ensure you break a sweat.

Sweating is a crude measure that your body is at a good work rate and it is also a great way to remove toxins. Another way to get the lymphatic system going is to sit in a sauna to generate heat and sweating to create movement in the body and the ability to remove toxins via the skin.


Time to Spring Clean
Cleaning out or ‘Spring cleaning’ is also great way to get moving. Make the most of the charity bins and give back to a cause you believe in by cleaning out your wardrobe and office space. Remove all those winter clothes and shoes that were not worn this year, in fact anything that was not worn for the last year is a great place to start. This process helps to create space for the new both physically and mentally.

The same goes for your work or office space, create an hour to focus on one area to clean out. It is amazing how it feels to work in a de-cluttered organised space and how much more productive you can be as a result. Clutter competes for your attention and increases stress, so use spring to clean out.


Eat Clean & Hydrate
Once you have got the movement and the clean out underway, of course it is important to fuel our body with clean plant based food. Remove all the toxins from your life and nourish your body with organic foods, fruit and vegetables. Aim for 5 vegetables and 2 fruits each day as a minimum to keep the body performing well and ensure you are getting your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals needed for cellular growth and maintenance. It is also a sure way to keep your immune system in shape as spring is also the season of allergies.

Don’t forget a key part of eating clean is also drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. Removing alcohol and coffee which puts extra strain on your liver and nervous system and replacing that with water and a herbal tea is a great way to start the process. My favourite tea is the, Hampstead’s clean green tea or dandelion tea to support the liver and provide some great antioxidants.  


Dive into a Detox 
Detoxing can sometimes strike fear into people as they equate it with dieting.  As a Nutritionist I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in eating clean and for many that can cause the body to detox as the body is no longer receiving the sugar, additives, pesticides, coffee, alcohol, dairy and wheat which are inflammatory foods, causes of intolerances and oxidative stress in the body.  

The body can go through a kind of healing crisis as it breaks its ties with these addictive foods and toxins and removes them from the body. That is why some people get headaches as they remove coffee from their diet. Ensuring an adequate level of B vitamins in the body especially B6 is great for assisting with the removal of addictive food and drinks, which is another reason to eat more plant foods where these vitamins are abundant.


So the 4 key tips for your spring clean out are…
1. Get moving – slow mindful movement is mind food and helps circulate and remove stored toxins in the body by the liver and the lymphatic system.  Sweating it out assists with the natural detoxification process. 

2. Clean out – your physical environment to boost energy and productivity.  This helps both physically and mentally and assists in prioritising and focusing on what matters most.  

3. Eat clean – organic wherever possible, 5 vegetables, 2 fruits, 2 litres of water is a great start.  

4. Detox – your body will love you for doing all of the items 1 to 3 above, set these goals for your spring season to increase your personal and professional wellbeing and to get a ‘spring’ in your step that you want for summer.

All the best with your Spring Clean! I'd love to hear how you go.


About the Author


An executive wellness coach and facilitator with over twenty years experience in the corporate world, Nicole has worked with companies such as Telstra, ANZ, NAB and Westpac, inspiring professionals to ‘be at their best’ during times of change and transition.

Nicole is passionate about wellbeing, loves to keep fit, is a foodie and enjoys travelling. She lives and works in Melbourne with her beautiful family. 

To learn more about Nicole, read you can read her bio and to learn about her workshops and mentoring programs, please visit Nicole's website


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