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Why are there no canneries in Australia?

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:27 May 2016 

Why are there no canneries in Australia? Why are there no canneries in Australia?

A good question with a simple answer.  Price. Driven by both the supermarkets and the consumer!

All the BIG FISH companies have outsourced their processing to Asian canneries, the last company being John West who advised it was taking its remaining business to Thailand several years ago.

In my opinion, these moves have all been price driven as it is cheaper to produce in Asia, companies can retain greater profits and the culture of 'low cost' and 'cheap' food, primarily driven by supermarkets can continue, sadly at a BIG cost.

There are some great sustainable tinned fish brands available that are not canned in Thailand, that do not exploit workers’ rights in developing countries and which support strict sustainable fishing credentials.

One of the best available is our very own Fish4Ever range which it why we love it and why it has been ranked by Greenpeace as Australia’s most sustainable canned tuna since 2010.

Eat well and eat sustainably!


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