Gourmet Organic Nigella Seed 30g

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Nigella seed, also known as kalonji or black cumin, is a small black seed derived from the Nigella sativa plant native to Western Asia. This remarkable spice has a rich history and a distinct flavor that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts around the world. With its unique properties, numerous health benefits, and versatile uses in various cuisines, nigella seed has become a staple ingredient for those seeking to elevate their culinary creations.

One of the outstanding features of nigella seed is its distinct aroma and flavor profile. Its taste can be described as earthy, slightly bitter, and reminiscent of oregano with a hint of black pepper. When roasted or heated, the seeds release a delightful aroma that adds depth and complexity to dishes. This makes nigella seed a versatile ingredient that can enhance the taste of both sweet and savory recipes.

Organic Nigella Seed

Looking for amazing organic herbs and spices to turn your avergae meal into a delicious masterpiece? Call off the search as Gourmet Organic is here. Gourmet Organic was started in 2002 by Anibal and Holly Zarate as then Gourmet Organic Herbs.

At the time Holly was studying to become an Herbalist and through this became passionate about organics and food as medicine.

Gourmet Organic Herbs grew from a market business into one that now supplies organic stores, health food stores, grocers, butchers, independent supermarket stores and more Australia wide. In addition to their much loved retail range, Gourmet Organic also provides high quality organic herbs and spices for food manufacturers in bulk.

In early 2017, Gourmet Organic worked long and hard to come up with a vision that would take Gourmet Organic Herbs into the future. Gourmet Organic has been revitalised as Gourmet Organic with a fresh new look and logo to go with it. Gourmet Organic is still the same operation run by Anibal and Holly but with a new lease of life and vitality, it's is ready to take on the world and continue spreading their joy. Gourmet Organic hopes you love the new look as much as they do and moving forward there will be lots of exciting new things to come from Gourmet Organic.

Certified Organic by ACO
Made in Australia

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