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BCorp Certified

Pack + Ship Plastic Free

Pack + Ship Plastic Free Pack + Ship Plastic Free

At Wholesome Hub, we ship all our orders completely plastic free! Even our tape is paper tape.

Learn more about how we're helping to reduce waste in our world and helping to create a zero waste lifestyle. 


How will my Wholesome Hub order come packaged? 

Everything we use is 100% re-usable, recyclable or compostable.

We use various cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes. The boxes we buy ourselves are all locally and Australian made. We do also re-use the boxes our orders come packaged in from our suppliers, so you may receive your order in a box from a different brand. 


What packaging do you use to protect my order during shipment? 

We try to use minimal packing materials inside our boxes, but for orders that are fragile, we use 100% paper-based recyclable and paper packing materials. 


What about the tape you use and how you seal your boxes?
We seal our boxes with paper tape. It is 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic free. 


What can I do to help? 

We would love it, if you could reuse, recycle or compost all the packaging you've received.

The paper packing materials used on the inside to protect your order could be re-used to wrap a future birthday present or gift. Your box could be used for storage, given to children to play with (who doesn't love creating a cardboard box robot or castle) and if all else fails, recycled responsibily in the correct bin. 


We really appreciate you thinking of our planet and outside the box!

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