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Food Warrior

Author: Belinda Lawlor  

Food Warrior Food Warrior

Become a Food Warrior®
Food Warrior (noun); a natural food enthusiast, especially one who actively seeks out food that is organic, ethical and sustainable and is considerate of food producers, animal welfare and the environment 


Are you a Food Warrior
Do you get excited when you see Fair Trade coffee or tea on sale, like your fruit and vegies organic or know the name of your local friendly butcher? If so, then you are definitely a Food Warrior.
Or do you think that the only thing that looks cute in a cage is Tweety Bird, think “brilliant blue” is our sky on a sunny day (not a nasty color that’s used in food) or believe that interfering with our food chain with genetic modification is just plain wrong, than you are definitely in the right place.

Become a Food Warrior, hold your head up high and proudly join us in our quest. Be brave, ask the hairy questions of your favourite food brands, inform your local grocer of better alternatives and don’t be afraid of making the switch…this is just the beginning…
Tell us about your Food Warrior moment
We'd love to hear about your Food Warrior moment and that time you stepped out of your comfort zone and stood tall and proud in the name of food.

Perhaps you said "no" to scrambled eggs at your favourite cafe (even though you really really wanted them) because they weren't using free range eggs or perhaps you made the decision to only buy fruit and vegies that are proudly grown in Australia. Whatever it was, we'd love to hear from you and we're sure others would love to hear your inspiring stories too.
Send us your story at and share your inner Food Warrior with the world!


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