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Our Difference

Our Difference Our Difference

At Wholesome Hub we like to do things a little differently. We believe in transparency, truly living and breathing our organic, ethical and sustainable values and giving everyone the opportunity to make change happen. Here are some things that make us unique:

No free samples! OK, maybe just some paper based ones.

It may seem a little Christmas Grinch like, but you won't find any free teeny tiny plastic bottles of lotions, potions or creams coming your way.

Whilst they sound divine and who doesn't love a freebie, we feel these samples may (or may not) get used. They may end up sitting somewhere in the back of your cupboard (if you're anything like what I used to be), and they may (and most likely will) end up in landfill, contributing to our plastic pollution problem.

Instead, it's likely you'll find a little sample of a beautiful organic tea that comes in a 100% plastic free tea bag and fully biodegradeable packaging or something that won't take its toll on our environment. We don't believe in giving away something that's free, that end's up costing our planet a lot.


Pack + Ship Plastic Free

At Wholesome Hub, we pack and ship all our orders plastic free! Even our tape is paper tape. The boxes we use are either recycled from deliveries we have received or the ones we buy ourselves, which are all locally and Australian made. 

We use minimal inner packaging and what we do use is compostable and recyclable. 


Progress Not Perfection

At Wholesome Hub we're only human and happy to admit, not perfect. Right now, there are lots of changes happening in terms of the brands, products and packaging you may find in our store so don't despair if you see something that doesn't quite fit our promise, like nuts in plastic bags. 

It's not that we're letting our values slip but rather we're going through a process of transition. We're speaking to our suppliers, working with them and finding out what their plans are in terms of being able to offer a more sustainable solution. And when we have to, we're delisting a whole lot of products as they sell out so enjoy saying good-bye to the old and welcoming in, a better new.  

If we need to compromise our values, standards and ethics, to achieve an outcome we will find another way. We will go over, under, around or through whatever challenge we face and show it is possible to create a business that cares for people and our planet whilst remaining true to who you are and what you believe in. 


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