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10 Essential questions to ask yourself when you want to G-R-O-W

Author: Nicole McAuliffe   Date Posted:11 May 2017 

10 Essential questions to ask yourself when you want to G-R-O-W 10 Essential questions to ask yourself when you want to G-R-O-W

Read more in Part 3 of the G-R-O-W Model

I have been having a reflective month while working through the transition of my own business from the executive and career coaching space to the wellbeing space.  It is a Goal that I am very passionate about, however my current Reality is that whilst being exciting it can also be quite daunting and have found myself feeling quite vulnerable. 


How can I keep positive and focused when GROWing can be daunting?

I am finding that reflecting on my achievements in the past and what I would like most from the past to carry through to the future, keeps me positive and focused.  For me the most fun part of the GROW model is brainstorming freely all of your possible Options to achieve your goal.  This is everything from the ‘do nothing option’ to the, ‘do everything’ option.


So for this month let’s take a look at Part 3, O for Options.

Once you have explored the current reality, it's time to determine what is possible, what are all of the possible options for reaching your goal.


What do I do next?

Brainstorm as many good options as possible. Then, find the relevant people to assist you in deciding which of these are the best ones.


Here are 10 Essential questions to ask yourself when exploring these options.

  • What is the ‘do nothing option’ and what does that look and feel like?
  • What is the ultimate option or the ‘do everything’ option, what does that look and feel like?
  • What are the other possibilities if there were no blocks or barriers in the way?
  • What if this or that constraint were removed? Would that change things?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  • What factors or considerations will you use to weigh the options?  (You can re use your SWOT analysis tool here).
  • What do you need to stop doing in order to achieve this option?
  • What obstacles stand in your way?
  • What strengths and resources do you have to support each option?
  • What option gives you the greatest ‘energy’?


Action always precedes motivation

I often ask, which option will give me the greatest energy and will be the easiest to get started so that once off the starting blocks the action can continue to motivate and move you forward – action always precedes motivation.


Finding a time when you are at your most resourceful is best

This type of thinking takes time and energy.  Finding a time when you are at your most resourceful is best.  This could be first thing in the morning with a great cup of organic coffee, or this could be in the evening when you are relaxed and the kids are in bed.  Find that time and place that you are most creative and spend a half hour brainstorming.  Revisit it the next day, or with a trusted friend or colleague to ensure you have covered everything. 


Narrowing down the options and/or consolidating them is the next step 

Make sure you have about 5-7 realistic options to work with.  Narrow those down to the 3 that would make the biggest different to you and your goal.  These 3 then become your starting point for the next step.  The Way forward


"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety" – Abraham Maslow


Make sure you are always stepping into growth!


About the Author


An executive wellness coach and facilitator with over twenty years experience in the corporate world, Nicole has worked with companies such as Telstra, ANZ, NAB and Westpac, inspiring professionals to ‘be at their best’ during times of change and transition.

An active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Nicole has a B.Ed (University of Melbourne) and an MBA (Monash University). Nicole also has a Diploma in Life Coaching, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and is qualified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Nicole is passionate about wellbeing, loves to keep fit, is a foodie and enjoys travelling. She lives and works in Melbourne with her beautiful family. 

To learn more about Nicole, read you can read her bio and to learn about her workshops and mentoring programs, please visit Nicole's website

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