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#Viral Kindness. What we're doing about COVID19 and how to get through

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:17 March 2020 

#Viral Kindness. What we're doing about COVID19 and how to get through #Viral Kindness. What we're doing about COVID19 and how to get through

I’ve lost count of the COVID-19 emails, updates and conversations I've had over the past two weeks. Everywhere I go. School drop off, down to the local shops, at work, there is no place or person that isn't being affected by this.

It has been both sad and disheartening to see the behaviour of certain people in shopping centres and supermarkets. People fighting over a packet of double ply, others physically and verbally abusing each other.

Is this really what we have come to as a community and society? Is this really how we cope during a time of crisis?

Not me, certainly not us here at Wholesome Hub and not Becky Wass, who has come up with a brilliant idea on ways we can help.



The card below, created by Becky Wass, says everything about how we should behave and get through this. 

Checking in on your neighbours, sharing a spare roll of loo paper,
making some food for someone in need, are all ways we can the turn the fear and panic into strength and unity.

You can download your #viralkindness card here.

#viralkindness COVID-19

We all have the power to choose how we act and respond to this health crisis.

We have the power to choose kindness and love over fear. We can choose to use patience instead of panic. There is still a long way to go before we get over this challenge, so let's remember to stay calm and kind and to consider the people around us, especially those most vulnerable and in need.


Wholesome Hub & COVID-19

At Wholesome Hub, we've had a large increase in orders, a clear sign how important organic food and natural essentials are for people. 

We’ll be doing everything we can to look after each other so we can stay healthy and keep delivering your organic, ethical and eco-friendly goodies through this crisis.


Health and housekeeping measures we've implemented include:

- All staff coming into the Wholesome Hub office and warehouse needs to sanitise their hands on entry

- All staff are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day

- All warehouse staff will be sanitising and cleaning their hands before packing each new order

- We have implemented all recommendations when it comes to coughing and sneezing etiquette

- We're encouraging appropriate social distancing and no physical contact 

- Anyone with any symptoms or contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case needs to stay home

- All visitors to Wholesome Hub including delivery drivers need to sanitise their hands on entry
- Frequently touched surfaces will e regularly cleaned


During the crisis we’re going to do our best to continue business as usual. We do ask for your understanding when something isn't in stock or if your order is taking a little longer to arrive. Please know we are doing everything we can to make sure you get your organic groceries and essentials in good time, keeping in mind, the health and wellbeing of our team and community are of the most importance to us.

Stay safe everyone. We'll continue to update you on any new changes and announcements. 


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