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What is a Shampoo Bar and how to use Shampoo Bars

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:2 April 2019 

What is a Shampoo Bar and how to use Shampoo Bars What is a Shampoo Bar and how to use Shampoo Bars

You may have already noticed our move towards an even kinder Wholesome Hub - we’re ditching the plastic bottles of liquid hand soap and shower gel, and upping our solid soap bar game. And we’re also introducing shampoo and conditioner bars. So what are they, and how on earth do you use them to clean your hair?!


Unlike bars of soap, which you might have used as a kid and almost certainly saw on the side of your grandma’s sink back in the day, shampoo bars are a whole new concept for many of us.


The idea of using a bar of solid shampoo to wash our hair really is a bit odd. We normally take a squeeze from our usual bottle, lather up and rinse. Is using a shampoo bar going to cause a lot of faff and more importantly, will it make our hair feel nice? And clean?


Ever the eco-warriors, we’ve put together this information that will help make your transition to shampoo bars an easier one. And trust us, it’s a transition you’ll want to make or at least give it a try.  


How to Use a Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

Using a shampoos bar is a little different from liquid shampoo, and will take a bit of getting used to. But once you’ve mastered it, there’s no going back.


Wet your hair as you would do normally and then you have two options. You can either rub the bar between your hands like a bar of soap to work up a lather (it may not feel as soapy and bubbly as liquid shampoo, but it’ll still work just as well) and then rub the suds into your hair. Depending on your length and thickness, you may need to do this more than once.


Or, you can run the bar down the length of your hair from root to tip a few times, and then work up the lather with your hands.


Either way, rub the lather into your scalp for a few minutes, just like with a liquid shampoo and then rinse. If you’re using a conditioner bar, run this along the length of your hair and leave to work its magic as you wash the rest of your body.


When you’re finished, store your bar in a container, or just leave it on the side of your shower or bath. Make sure if you are using a container, that you let the bar air dry before closing it. The most important thing is that you keep your shampoo or conditioner bar dry.


More Bang for your Bar

Shampoo bars are much more concentrated than their liquid counterparts, and so even though they’re smaller, they’ll last you far longer. In fact, some estimates are that one shampoo bar or conditioner bar is equivalent to three to five bottles of liquid shampoo or liquid conditioner so why not run a little experiment like I did; mark on your calendar when you started your shampoo bar or conditioner bar and if you’re like me, you’ll be amazed just how long that one bar lasts (and that’s with a family of four!)


Shampoo Bars are Climate Change Friendly

The next time you’re in the shower, waiting for your conditioner to do its thing, take a minute and look at the ingredients of your regular shampoo and conditioner.


It may come as a surprise that the first ingredient is water and in fact, your average shampoo can be made up of as much as 80% water, with your conditioner being even higher than that.


Now think about the water and resources that have gone into making the plastic bottle your water-based shampoo or conditioner is sitting in.


Overall, we are spending a whole lot of resources and creating a whole lot of carbon emissions shipping, flying and trucking water around the place which all adds to our climate change troubles.


By swapping over to a Shampoo and Conditioner bar, you’re saving water, energy, resources, carbon emissions which means your planet friendly conscience can be as squeaky clean and shiny as your hair.


Shampoo Bars - You’ll Never Go Back to Liquid Shampoo!

Our shampoo bars are all made from completely natural products. They’re free from harsh detergents that can strip the hair and scalp of their natural oils, and contain no parabens or sulphates. They’re all happily cruelty free and contain no palm oil, making them suitable for vegans and anyone looking to live a cruelty free life.


Once you rinse them off, the suds are completely biodegradable and can be safely rinsed down into the waterways without causing damage to the planet’s ecosystems.


We have solid shampoo bars suitable for normal, oily and dry hair, sensitive scalps and even bars perfectly blended for your four legged furry friends too.


They’re all made from nourishing coconut and olive oils, some with added sweet almond oil, others with argan and grapeseed oils, depending on hair type. They’re all blended with essential oils that have been carefully selected for their healthy hair and scalp properties that will leave your hair clean, glossy and smelling divine. All ingredients are sourced right here in Australia.


Plus, they’re packaged in beautifully simple recycled and recyclable packaging.


Washing Your Hair the Kinder Way

Shampoo bars do take a little getting used to, especially if you have long or very thick hair like I do. I was surprised at how well the shampoo lathered and cleaned my hair (just like my regular shampoo) and how soft it felt afterwards.


The conditioner did take a bit more getting used to. But persevere and you too will reap the rewards of such a natural, chemical free shampoo, without all the unnecessary plastic packaging.


And so too, will the planet!

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