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Why the hype about Paw Paw Ointment?

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:9 June 2016 

Why the hype about Paw Paw Ointment? Why the hype about Paw Paw Ointment?

I’m a big fan of Paw Paw Ointment. I have one tube in my handbag at all times, one in the bathroom at home and one at work. It’s my go to cream for lots of things (especially since having little ones) so why all the hype about paw paw ointment?

Well, there wouldn’t be many people in Australia that aren’t familiar with that little ubiquitous red tube called Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. Found in thousands of handbags and bathrooms around the country, paw paw is definitely a great all-rounder which has now achieved cult status. Celeb fans such as Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne sing its praises and today chemists are having to introduce buying limits as tubes of the humble balm are being sent overseas to China and Hong Kong.

So, what’s not to love?

What’s in conventional paw paw balm?

When it comes to your regular paw paw ointment such as Lucas’ Papaw Ointment and similar brands, it may come as a surprise that paw paw only makes up four per cent of the formula or less. So, what’s the rest? Petroleum jelly. A cheap, unsustainable, non eco-friendly byproduct of the oil industry which was originally found coating the bottom of oil rigs in the mid 1800’s.

Call me crazy, but this doesn’t sound like the type of ingredient I’d like to put on my skin, lips, my children’s scrapes and grazes, let alone on sensitive baby’s bottoms as a treatment for nappy rash.

Petroleum jelly is also a sealant which means it creates a seal over your skin, trapping moisture underneath rather than allowing it to evaporate off your skin. This can actually clog your pores and slows your skin’s ability to eliminate toxins and heal.

Are their natural paw paw ointments available?

Absolutely and there’s not a petrochemical in sight!

Here at Organic Door we stock the amazing Little Innoscents 100% certified organic Paw Paw Balm which I absolutely love! Made with nourishing beeswax, shea butter, avocaodo oil, Vitamin E, calendula and Australian paw paw, it is completely safe and natural. It’s also free from artificial colors, fragrances, mineral oils and parabens so perfect for babies, children and the whole family. 

What is paw paw good for?

As a fruit, paw paw is a nutrient powerhouse. It is packed with dietary fibre, folate, Vitamins A, C and E, B Vitamins, Calcium and Iron. It’s also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties so it makes perfect sense that as an ingredient we use on our skin, it is going to help soothe, heal, moisturise and repair.

I am a big believer that we can find our healing answers in nature and in this case, Mother Nature has wrapped it up beautifully in a big golden tropical delicious package for us.

What can we use paw paw balm for?

Lots! Here are just some of my favourites….

1. Dry Lips
Perhaps the most common use for paw paw cream, it makes an awesome lip balm

2. Lip Gloss
Dab a little paw paw balm over the top of your lipstick for a pretty and moisturising shine

3. Dry Skin
Perfect for winter, rub a little paw palm ointment on those dry elbows, cracked heals and knees. It can also help soothe rashes, eczema and psoriasis

4. Nappy Rash
Gentle, nourishing and perfect for those sensitive little bottoms, ditch the chemicals and use paw paw balm as a great nappy rash soother

5. Insect bites
Got a bite? Reduce swollen skin and stop the itching and scratching with a little dab of paw paw cream

6. Scrapes, grazes and burns
Paw paw balm’s incredible soothing and healing powers can help with all sorts of skin wounds. This is definitely my go to cream whenever one of my little ones (or I) hurts themselves

7. Stop the frizz
For those drizzly days in winter and humid days in summer, rub a teensy weensy amount of paw paw cream in your hands and run over your hair and watch those flyaways be gone

8. Face Groomer
Style those eyebrows and highlight those cheekbones. No make-up bag is complete without some paw paw balm

9. Cuticle Cream
Massage a little paw paw ointment into your cuticles for healthier, stronger nails and cuticles

10. Face Mask
For anyone with dry skin, apply some paw paw ointment to your dry patches after exfoliating to rejuvenate and rehydrate. Not only will your skin thank you but so will your bank account

So, why all the fuss? Paw paw balm, ointment, cream – whatever you call it, is an amazing natural health and beauty product however you need to cut through the marketing wish wash, slice through the harmful ingredient list and find yourself a natural and organic brand which really does nurture your skin, doesn’t use harmful ingredients and which is kind to our environment too.

Do you use paw paw balm? What’s your favourite and what do you use it for?

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