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How to Choose the Best Reusable Food Wraps

Author: Sandy Abram   Date Posted:27 August 2019 

How to Choose the Best Reusable Food Wraps How to Choose the Best Reusable Food Wraps

In our quest to be as sustainable, eco friendly and plastic free as possible, it can be overwhelming knowing how to make the right choices. Food storage is a good example. Do we use tin foil instead of plastic cling film, or do we use reusable food wraps and covers? If so, which ones?! Here at Wholesome Hub we love WRAPPA reusable food wraps. Here’s why!


Most of us are aware that in order to help save our planet, we need to be doing all we can to reduce our use of plastic, especially single use plastic.


In the kitchen, wrapping our leftover food to save it from the bin is very commendable. Reducing food waste is after all, another way we can help protect the environment.


But choosing to wrap food in plastic wrap is a no no.


Not least for the planet, but also our own health.


The Downsides of Cling Film

Plastic cling film is single use, difficult to recycle and fiddly to use. How many times have you had it roll back on itself when you’ve torn it from the roll?


Not only that, plastic wrap has consistently been linked with health scares from the phthalates used in cling film leaching into our foods.


The Alternatives to Cling Film

Like us, you probably go through life trying to be as gentle and kind as possible. You make decisions based on what you think is best eco wise.


When it comes to alternatives to cling film, you might choose tin foil. Tin foil is a much better alternative as the aluminium is widely recycled. But a more sustainable option is to choose reusable food wrappers.


These are designed to be used time and time again to wrap sandwiches and cover dishes of food, with a little wash in between uses.


But not all reusable food wraps are created equal.


We might think we’re making the right choices but unwittingly, we might go for an inferior option. One that could actually be detrimental to our own health and that of the environment. All because we’ve trusted in a brand that might not have the same level of eco credentials as us, yet say that they do.


So, who can we trust? WRAPPA!


WRAPPA Reusable Wraps to the Rescue!

WRAPPA reusable wraps are proudly made by hand with love and care in South Australia. They were one of the first brands of food wraps on the market and never have, and never will, use inferior ingredients or materials.


Unlike so many other brands that have followed in WRAPPA’s footsteps, there’s a list of ingredients that they’ll never use.


First up, coconut oil. As much as we all love coconut oil for its flavour, healthy fats and skin soothing abilities, there’s one thing it’s not very good at - staying solid. On a warm day, you’ll notice your pot of coconut oil turning to a clear liquid.


Food wraps that use coconut oil do the same - the oil turns to a liquid even at hand heat, and handling them makes them feel greasy.


Coconut oil is used in cheaper food wraps as a replacement for jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is in fact a plant wax, rather than an oil, and is more expensive than coconut oil.


WRAPPA use Australian grown, chemical free jojoba oil in their reusable wraps to keep them waterproof without feeling greasy or flakey when you hold them.


Pine resin is also a big no for WRAPPA. Again, many other brands use pine resin in their wraps but not WRAPPA, for a few reasons. Pine resin has a distinctive smell (like disinfectant, yuk!) which can transfer onto food.


WRAPPA work hard to make sure their wraps have a gorgeously natural smell that doesn’t affect the smell or the taste of the food its protecting.


Pine resin is also associated with common allergies and can affect a sufferers eyes, nose and skin.


Again, pine resin is a cheaper ingredient, but WRAPPA chose early on to use the far superior, high grade dammar resin which doesn't pose a problem for allergy sufferers and is completely food safe.


Vegan Friendly Wraps

WRAPPA reusable wraps are made using beeswax, but there’s more - if you’re a vegan or you follow a plant based diet, you can still use WRAPPA wraps!


Each design also comes in the world’s first vegan friendly plant based wrap.


They’re made using plant based candelilla wax, non GMO soya wax, jojoba oil and dammar resin.


Each wrap, vegan friendly or made using beeswax, is made with 100% GOTS organic cotton, AND they’re the only wrap company IN THE WORLD to be independently certified palm oil free.


This means that at the end of their life, they’re completely biodegradable and compostable.


And as if all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to choose WRAPPA reusable wraps, have you seen their range of prints?! From mermaids and hammerheads to foodies and watermelons and of course, bees, there’s something to delight everyone’s lunch box.


Saving Your Pennies

You’ll also get more for your money by buying WRAPPA wraps. Unlike other brands who sell three packs of wraps that contain a small, medium and large wrap, WRAPPA include two mediums (25 cm) and a large (35 cm) in theirs. Plus, their jumbo wraps measure 35 cm by 50 cm.


Oh, and one more thing. Because WRAPPA are so awesome, they haven’t kept their blend of waxes and other gorgeous ingredients a secret either. If you’d like to make your own reusable food wraps, they also sell their plant based and beeswax wax in bars, so you can use them to make your own!


How to Use WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps

Using WRAPPA wraps couldn’t be simpler. The magic of these wraps is actually in your hands - simply holding the wraps will warm them slightly, meaning they can be moulded around literally anything, without feeling oily or greasy.

Use them to wrap sandwiches, just as you would with cling film. Or, use them to wrap the end of a cut lemon, or half an avocado (if you dare to leave half an avo uneaten).


Uneaten bowls of food are just waiting to be covered with a WRAPPA wrap. Just place the wrap over the top of the bowl and smooth down the edges.


There’s practical uses too, such as using to roll out pastry or roll up protein balls.


The world, is your WRAPPA.


Then, when you’re finished, wipe them with a damp dishcloth. Use some diluted washing up liquid if they’re really soiled. WRAPPA wraps don’t like to be exposed to high temperatures or too much water. Look after them and they’ll look after your food for years to come.


Browse our range of WRAPPA wraps and choose the most natural choice. Whatever print you choose, you’ll be delighted!


Buy Reusable Food Wraps Online in Australia at Wholesome Hub

Feeling inspired? Say see ya later to plastic cling film with our great range of planet friendly reusable food wraps available at Wholesome Hub. We have a range of sizes, types and funky designs available, in traditional beeswax, plant based and some made from rPet (recycled plastic) and Onya.


Looking for something to put your lunch in but not sure about a food wrap? We also have a planet friendly and plastic free reusable zip lock bag from BioBag which is easy to use and 100% eco-friendly and compostable.

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