Dairy Free

People choose to go dairy free for many reasons. For some, there is actually no choice with dairy allergies and intolerances being a very serious matter. For some, the motivation is health reasons with people finding issues like chronic congestion, digestive problems and infections clearing up once dairy is taken out of their diet. And for some, it’s ethical, with concerns over animal welfare.

Whatever the reason, a dairy free diet doesn’t just mean no milk. It means a product is free from all milk-based ingredients and products made from milk such as butter, yoghurt, cream, ice cream and cheese. It also includes ingredients like lactose and whey.

At Organic Door, our Dairy Free value means that a particular product doesn’t have dairy ingredients in it. This doesn’t mean it has been produced in a facility or production line that doesn’t handle dairy therefore there may be cross contamination and traces of milk present. If you do have any questions or would like more information about a particular product, please just drop us a line.